Career and Technology Education (CATE)
Saluda High School's Career and Technology Education (CATE) Department offers courses in the following areas:
  • Agriculture
  • Building Construction
  • Business 
  • Health Science
  • PLTW-Computer Science

Please direct any questions concerning the CATE department to Mrs. Yolanda Moore, Career and Technology Education Coordinator.

864-445-3011 ex.t 504

  • Amanda Crouch
  • Lisa Hallman
    Health Science
  • Brad Johnson
    Business Education
  • Dave Werts
    Building Construction
  • Carrie Lowe
    PLTW-Computer Science
  • Tyler Jennings
    Sports Medicine


Agricultural Education     SHS Major: Plant & Animal Systems

Agricultural Education is a program for high school students interested in pursuing careers in natural resources, environmental and agricultural careers.

Architecture and Construction    SHS Major: Building Construction

Architecture and construction courses can introduce students to the construction industry and related career fields in construction management, architecture, building construction inspection, and planning and design.

Business Management and Administration    SHS Majors: Business Information Management, General Management

People with business skills are the ones that make the deals that build profitable companies that power the global economy.

Finance   SHS Majors: Accounting, Business Finance

Financial Planning combines the skill sets of financial managers with that of a more relationship-oriented individual. From entry level billing clerks to CFOs of major corporations, everyone in this pathway enjoys math and most likely is skilled with computers and accounting software as well.


Health Science Education    SHS Majors: Health Science, Sports Medicine

Health Science Education is a secondary program of study that promotes health career opportunities to students in grades 9-12.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics    SHS Major: Computer Science Engineering (PLTW)

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Cluster incorporate career opportunities in all aspects of engineering and engineering technologies.