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Graduation is May 25, 2018

*Scholarships are listed at the bottom of this page and are updated daily*

Are you interested in majoring in Diesel Technology?  You can apply to the Caterpillar Dealer Academy at Florence-Darlington Technical College.  

Students interested in joining the Military need to take the ASVAB - go to the below websites for practice!




army.com - ASVAB Practice Test 1








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ACT and SAT tests
  • Do you need to take the ACT or SAT?
    First thing you should do is speak with your School Counselor about what your plans are for after high school.  If you are planning on attending a 2-year technical school (ex. Piedmont Technical College, Midlands Technical College, Tri-County Technical College, etc.) you do NOT need the ACT or SAT score to be accepted.  These two year schools require a placement exam called the e-Compass exam that you can take at the tech school campus.  

    Students who are going to a 4-year college will need to take the ACT or SAT.  Please check the college admissions page to see what score requirements you need to meet.  Again, please go to the Guidance Office to discuss your plans with your counselor...we are here to help you figure things out!

    To sign up for the ACT or SAT you will need to create a user account (if you have not already done so) at their respective websites:

    ACT:  www.actstudent.org

    SAT:  www.collegeboard.org

    Please keep your user name and password in a safe place because you WILL have to use this info to log back in and see/send your scores.


    Each test has various dates and locations it is given.  You should sign up for the date that works best for you and location you will be able to travel to on that test date.  

    2017-2018 SAT/ACT Test Dates (click HERE)

    When registering for the test, you will need SHS's school code which is 411790.


    Remember, not all students will need the ACT or SAT for his/her post-secondary plans...discuss your plans with your counselor in the Guidance Office!

Financial Aid for College-Bound Seniors
Student Athletes
  • NCAA Eligibility Center
    All student athletes who are wanting to play sports in college need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center by the end of their junior year!  You will create a profile that college coaches will use to see your stats, grades, and other info.  Click "NCAA Eligibility Center" above to get started. 


Guidance Information
Meet your school counselors
  • Valerie Smith
    Director of Guidance
    Last Names M-Z
    Grades 9-12

    864-445-3011 ext. 714


  • Whitney Moore
    School Counselor

    Last Names A-L

    Grades 9-12

    864-445-3011 ext. 715


  • Yolanda Moore
    CDF/Graduation Coach/CATE Coordinator
    864-445-3011 ext. 504


  • Pam Conyers
    Guidance Secretary

    864-445-3011 ext. 716


Military Families
Summer 2018 Activities
Transcript & Records Requests
  • Order your transcript
    Order Credentials from Parchment
    Click the "Order My Transcript" button if you're applying to college and want to order your transcript online. Saluda High School has joined forces with Parchment to bring you Secure Transcript™ – the safe, paperless way to send transcripts directly to the colleges you choose. It's easy, it's secure, and it's available 24/7.  You will need to register an account on Parchment. 

    *This service is only available to graduates from the class of 2002 to the present.

  • School Records
    Use this link if you need to request any elementary/middle/high school records, SAT/ACT scores, verification of graduation, court documents, or other vital records.  We do not have a copy of your diploma or GED in your student file.  Should you need a duplicate copy of your diploma or GED, please contact the SC Department of Education at (803) 734-8040 for diploma and (803) 734-8238 for GED questions.
College Open House Opportunities
  • College Visits
    Now is the time to start visiting colleges! 

    Go to the college's website of your choice and go to the Admissions page to see campus visit dates/events/times and register for your visit. 

    Juniors get 1 college visit day (excused day) as long as they complete/return the college visit packet - pick one up from Mrs. Conyers in Guidance.

    Seniors get 2 college visit days (excused) but must complete/return the college visit packet from Mrs. Conyers

    Any questions?  Your counselors are always here to help!


  • Lander University
    Open House

    February 24, 2018

    March 24

    Register online at go.lander.edu/visit


    Weekday Visits

    Monday-Friday 10:00 am and 2:00 pm

    Register online at go.lander.edu/visit


    Bearcat for a Day

    January 31

    February 14, 2018

    March 14

    April 11

    Register online at go.lander.edu/visit


    Junior Preview Day

    April 6, 2018

    Register online at go.lander.edu/visit

    Saturday Tours

    January 27, 2018

    Register online at go.lander.edu/visit


    Accepted Students Day

    April 14, 2018

    Register online at go.lander.edu/visit

  • CIU - Columbia International University
    Undergraduate Overnight Event

    Thursday, October 26-Friday, October 27th and April 5-6, 2018.  This free event will give students (10th-12th grade) an in-depth look at how CIU trains students towards a career impacting the world.  Students will have the opportunity to meet current students, stay overnight in the Residence Halls, tour campus, talk to faculty about our programs, and participate in campus activities.  


    Open Houses

    February 24, 2018

    July 14

    Join us Saturday morning for breakfast and a quick but comprehensive look at CIU.  Learn more about our programs from faculty, tour campus, and talk with Admissions and Financial Aid staff.


    Preview Days

    January 29, 2018

    March 15

    April 10

    Discover what it's like to be a Ram.  Events include a chance to meet with admissions, tour campus, attend chapel (Tues/Thurs only) and a class, and have lunch with a professor.


    R.C. McQuilkin Scholarship Event

    February 9, 2018

    This event packs a lot of CIU into one day.  Meet our new President, have lunch with professors, tour campus, attend class, join us for dinner, and attend a free concert.  Did we mention that qualified attendees will be eligible to receive the $1,500 McQuilkin Tuition Scholarship? 


    If students are interested in attending any of these events please RSVP ciu.edu/visit 

Scholarship Opportunities
  • Everything you need to know about winning scholarships
  • Undocumented Students
    Scholarships are available to you.  Check out this website to see a list of several scholarships and which ones you are eligible for and apply!
    Another resource for you is the DREAMer's RoadMap app for your phone.  Check out their website to learn more about scholarships you are eligible for.
    OCIYU Scholarship for Undocumented Students - due April 2, 2018 - The scholarship is only open to undocumented students living in the United States.
  • SC Teacher Loan - Education majors
    SC Student Loan is glad to announce that the 2017-18 SC Teacher Loan Application is now available for downloading at: http://www.scstudentloan.org/UserFiles/File/PDF/parentstuds/Teacher(1).pdf.  Please share this link with your students who are interested in the teaching profession.


    The SC Teacher Loan Program was established by the State of South Carolina to help talented and qualified students become teachers.  Students can borrow up to $2,500 per year in their freshman and sophomore years and $5,000 per year in their junior and senior years.  The loan is 100% forgivable if the recipient teaches in certain critical geographic or subject areas in South Carolina.  The complete lists of critical areas as well as the eligibility criteria and all other details of the program are available at: http://www.scstudentloan.org/students/teacherforgiveness.aspx.


    Funds are limited so we would ask you to encourage your potential teachers to apply as soon as possible.  Should you, your students or parents have any questions regarding this program please feel free to contact us at (800)347-2752.

  • Due in December
    SC Teaching Fellows Program due December 1
    Any student interested in TEACHING in SC and who is a legal resident of SC and a current high school senior, or junior graduating early, who will be attending college as a freshman in the fall of 2018 may apply.  Fellowships are based on academic achievement, references, community and school involvement, an interview and a writing assessment.  Students must attend one of the eleven Teaching Fellows Institutions.  Currently these include:  Anderson University, Charleston Southern University, Coastal Carolina University, College of Charleston, Columbia College, Francis Marion University, Lander University, USC-Aiken, USC-Columbia, USC-Upstate, and Winthrop University.  This is a rigorous application, please see your school counselor for guidance on navigating the app. 


    Lyceum Scholars Program at Clemson University - due December 11

    $10,000 - Lyceum Scholars study the moral principles of a free society, the political ideals of the American Founding and the economic foundations of capitalism.  In exchange for this scholarship, students in the program take a sequence of eight courses with the other Lyceum Scholars in their graduating class.


    Future of Assisted Living Scholarship 2017 - due December 31

    Three $2,000 scholarships available.  Each eligible applicant must submit a 500-750 word essay response to the question:  How can your major of study improve the lives of seniors (elderly) in assisted living facilities in your town?  Scholarship award recipients will be announced January 31, 2018.  Essay topic and scholarship details can be found on the SeniorAdvisor.com Assisted Living page (scroll down to bottom of page).  This is an annual scholarship and will be offered every year. 

  • Due in January
    Kittie Moss Fairey Educational Fund Scholarship Program - deadline January 15, 2018 
    Applicants must be high school seniors that are enrolled in an SC high school and is a resident of SC.  Must have GPA of 3.0 on an unweighted 4.0 scale through the Spring 2017 semester.  Applicants must have a combined SAT score of 1100 or a composite ACT score of 26.  Applicant's parents must have a household adjusted gross income not exceeding $40,000.  Finally, applicants must be planning to attend an accredited, four-year college or university located in SC.

    NAFEPA Scholarship - deadline January 19, 2018

    The purpose of the scholarship program is to financially support post-secondary education for qualifying seniors or high school graduates attending their first year of college. Two scholarships are for students pursuing a degree in Education. The other two scholarships may be awarded to applicants pursuing  degrees in Education or any other field.

    Harry Hampton Scholarship - due (postmarked by) January 31, 2018 

    Applicants must be majoring in the natural resources disciplines of wildlife biology, fisheries biology, forestry, marine or environmental science.  Scholarship is worth $5,000 per year up to 4 years.  Natural resource students may apply for the Hampton and Pate Scholarships together on one application, but are eligible to be awarded only one.  Agriculture, general biology, pre-med biology, and veterinary science are NOT eligible curricula for these scholarships.


    Wallace F. Pate Scholarship - due (postmarked by) January 31, 2018 

    Applicants must be majoring in the natural resources disciplines of wildlife biology, fisheries biology, forestry, marine or environmental science.  Scholarship is worth $2,500 for one year.  Natural resource students may apply for the Hampton and Pate Scholarships together on one application, but are eligible to be awarded only one.  Agriculture, general biology, pre-med biology, and veterinary science are NOT eligible curricula for these scholarships.

    David M. Cline Scholarship - due (postmarked by) January 31, 2018

    Applicants must be majoring in law enforcement, criminal justice, or forensic science.  Scholarship is worth $2,000 for one year. 


    James O. Thomason Scholarship - due (postmarked by) January 31, 2018

    Applicants must be majoring in print or photo journalism, advertising, public relations, or mass communications.  This scholarship requires the student to submit a topical essay (see criteria application).  Scholarship is worth $2,000 per year up to 4 years.

  • Due in February
    2018 Journalism Contest "Inclusion Drives Innovation" Scholarship - due February 1, 2018

    Applicants must be 16-19 years old; must not have entered a post-secondary school before March 1, 2018; and must be a high school senior, or otherwise qualified to begin post-secondary education no later than 2018-19 year.  This scholarship is sponsored by Vocational Rehabilitation but applicants do NOT have to have a disability to enter.  The scholarship pays for undergraduate tuition and fees.  Each institution has its own definition of tuition and fees. 

    Future Farmers of America (FFA) Scholarships (multiple) - due February 1

    FFA uses one online application for members and nonmembers. Applicants will be directed to the appropriate questions based on membership response.  See website for more details.

    BI-LO Women in Leadership Scholarship - due February 2, 2018

    Women applicants must be full or part-time worker at BI-LO; part-time employees must have worked an average of less than 32 hours per week during the required one year of service. Applicants must have received a satisfactory rating (3) or better on their last performance appraisals. Applicants must have applied to or be enrolled in an accredited two-year of four-year college, university, or technical college. Applicants must be pursuing or intending to pursue a course of study applicable to the food retail industry (e.g., marketing, business management, pharmacy, computer science, etc.) and be interested in furthering a career with BI-LO.

  • Due in March
    SC Cattlmen's Foundation Scholarship - deadline March 1

    Multiple scholarships offered.  One scholarship will be for applicants interested in pursuing a 4-year degree in applied agricultural sciences.  Another scholarship will be for applicants pursuing a 4-year degree with no restriction on the field of study.  See application for more details.

    Saluda Young Farmers Scholarship - deadline March 31

    Applications will be awarded based on the following categories:  Ag major or related field, financial need, grades, community service/involvement and leadership activities, essay, and direct descendant of a Saluda Young Farmer Member.  Priority will be given to those majoring in Agriculture or in a related field. 

    The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) - deadline March 31 (app opens Jan 1)

    Applicants must be of Hispanic heritage, have a minimum of 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, plan to enroll full-time in an accredited, not-for-profit, 4-year university during the Fall, be a U.S. citizen, permanent legal resident, DACA, or eligible non-citizen (as defined by FAFSA), complete the FAFSA or state based financial aid application (if applicable).

  • Out of State Scholarships
    Blount Scholars Program at the University of Alabama - apply by December 15th

    Admission to the program is competitive and any incoming student at the University of Alabama may apply.  The Blount application form can be found HERE.

    We accept applications throughout the year as space in the entering class permits, though we encourage interested students to apply by December 15th for priority consideration.